Standout Senior Athlete: Baseball

Gabby Norman, Staff Writer

Clayton Brooks Sowell

Position: Catcher

I’ve played: Since I was 4 or 5.

Plans for College: Tuft’s University to play baseball on an academic scholarship.

Best memory: Going to state last year.

Favorite class: Criminal Investigation

Best memory of school: The boat races in physics with Mr. Taylor last year.

Dream Job: Doctor. I don’t know what kind or anything, but just a doctor. I’m going to major in biology, and then try to get on the pre-med track.

Siblings: Caleb, he’s a sophomore.

Plans for the summer: Get a job, play baseball, and try and go on a senior trip. Just take it easy before I head off.

Hardest part of leaving Kingwood Park: Just the friends and relationships and the community I have here. I  know everyone here, and everyone here knows me. I feel like wherever I go, I have someone to talk to and stuff.

Hardest part of going to college: Just going so far away next year. I’m going to have to find a group of people to talk to and hang out with and trust, like the people I do here. Other than that, I’ll be good. [And] setting a schedule, because everything is kind of set for me now. I go to seven classes a day. I know when I finish practice, I have to do my homework. Up there it’s one or two classes a day, and you don’t get a lot of homework. I’ll have to plan out my studying so I’m not cramming the night before.

What I would like to leave behind: Just enjoy the time you have. Make the most of every day. That’s so cheesy, I know.