Streaming services fees adding up


Blanca Cantu, Opinions Editor

  For the past few years, it seems like everyone has been going on and on about how amazing it is  to cut the cord with cable and switch to streaming services. At first with Netflix and Hulu as the big contenders, it seemed like a pretty decent idea considering there would be no ads — that is if you have Hulu Premium. You could basically take your entertainment everywhere there was WiFi.

   However, as this decade comes to an end it’s apparent that this whole new idea of a more affordable way to stream shows and movies is simply not possible. With Disney+ becoming the most recent addition, it seems as if these streaming services are draining our pockets.

   Now Disney shows on Netflix will slowly but surely be taken away and consumers of their content will be left to either purchase each movie and show individually, subscribe, or risk pirating their content. The latter will become more and more challenging.  Disney, using all of its wealth and power, has begun looking into ways to monitor pirating  to ensure streaming is done on their service only.

   When it comes down to it, Disney should not be the only service getting hate at the moment. Warner Brothers has had their DC Universe streaming service up and running for a while now and has a solid four shows that are only able to be seen on there, as well as more on the way. Though they did not bother to cancel any of their shows running on the CW, unlike what Disney did with their Marvel-related shows on Netflix and Hulu. Still, they have their faults for being a streaming service that is simply another bill at the end of the month.

    In the end these streaming services are just another way capitalism and greed in this country has taken over entertainment. People shouldn’t have to constantly be paying for a bunch of streaming services just to watch a couple good shows that could easily be put on one specific channel or streaming site.

   Sadly, there truly is no way to fix this issue at the moment. Americans would really just need to stop subscribing to these services, causing them to shut down. But that simply is not going to happen. These sites have people’s childhoods and award-winning shows no one wants to miss out on.

   Though I may not have Disney+, I am guilty of being subscribed to a few of these streaming services, for subscribing just seems so easy when each service is typically $10 or less. However, multiple services add up and become a drain on anyone’s account.