Popularity of prom-posals vary


Kathleen Ortiz

Taking a break from prom, 2019 seniors gather around to watch the NBA playoffs last May.

Taylor Rankin, Staff writer

It used to be a simple “Will you go to prom with me?” was sufficient enough to not only get a date for prom but make someone’s day the best ever. Today, however, with big productions posted on social media and witnessed by entire high school cafeterias, “prom-posals” have become an issue for those wanting to get a date for the dance. 

While kids now worry about whether or not there will be a prom, the biggest issue used to be how big their prom-posal needed to be. Most people think that prom proposals are necessary in getting the date, but that isn’t the case for everyone

  • “It isn’t necessary to ask someone to prom with a huge proposal. If you want to, that’s cool, but you can make something cute with just a poster. You don’t have to do a big gesture. You can do a small one and if you want to go big, then go big. Don’t be intimidated. Just go for it. ” – Senior A.J. Weeks
  • “You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but it’s nice to show how much you like the person.” – Senior Hailey Doyle.
  • “I think sometimes girls put a lot of pressure on guys to do it big. It just depends on the person. My sister got asked by her boyfriend. He dressed up in a cowboy hat and put a country song on about dancing, and his friends brought posters.” – Senior Libby Overmyer
  • “The guy I asked was one of the kids in special needs and I made a big poster and got cookie cakes because they are his favorite and I showed up into one of his classes after talking with the teachers and I walked in and he read the sign.” – Senior Kaitlyn Rose
  • “It’s not necessary it could just be you and your date at your house. It doesn’t have to be public or huge.” – Senior Kaitlyn Rose
  • “I was at my house and he drove over and had a sign that said ‘Out of all the fish in the sea, I want you to go to Prom with me?’ because I like fishing and he brought a fishing pole. It’s just all in or nothing. If you lose you lose, if you gain your gain. Nothing bad comes from it. Just ask someone else.” – Senior Sierra Malden