Track team sets goals as start of season nears


Daisy Ramirez

During seventh period track practice on Jan. 14, the boys track team warms up. Many are looking forward to finally hitting the track again since last season was cut short because of COVID-19.

Richard Rivera, Staff Writer

With last season being cut short because of COVID-19, the track team is excited to get the upcoming season started. Practice is underway and the runners have set a number of goals for the coming months.

Sahib Virdee, 11

“I want to improve the team chemistry. We do crazy things as a track family and we all have inside jokes with each other but we all have a common goal in mind. We need to do more events such as crop top Fridays, or Richard Rivera’s tamales because the closer we get, the stronger we become and the better we will perform as a team.”

Hunter Northington, 12

“The main thing I want to improve on this track season is my top speed. I’ve always had good endurance, so if I could increase my top speed while keeping my stamina steadily increasing, it will equate to shaving crucial time off of my 400. Coming out of last season, we lost a lot of our best athletes, so I’m going into this season hoping to be a solid replacement in the 4×400 and the long and triple jump, while also being a leader and getting the younger guys ready to take over after we’re gone.”

Jake Hill, 12

“I want to catch Liam Campbell on a gut check before the season ends, because it has been my goal since my very first day of track.” (A gut check is a 50-second time trial where you see how far you get on a 400m run)