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Leslie Norris takes a break from preparing lunch. She is one of many cafeteria workers who are key in helping keep kids fed.

Leslie Norris, cafeteria

Ms. Leslie Norris is one of the most lighthearted people I come across everyday. She never hesitates to help students out or make sure all her “babies” are having a great day. If you don’t know who she is, just look for a huge beaming smile ready to give you a helping hand. Ms. Norris, along with all of the other amazing women who help make our breakfast and lunch everyday, are truly heroes for how hard they work to make a difference in this school.  

They are always cracking jokes and laughing alongside me while still making sure that all the students get fed. If I’m not having a good day, I can count on them to make me smile and make me feel at home when I feel overwhelmed. Little do they know, the small things they say and do make my day that much sweeter. These cafeteria ladies don’t only fuel our brains with food, they provide positivity as soon as we walk in the cafeteria. 

When I asked Ms. Norris if I could take some pictures of her in action, she didn’t hesitate letting me come to the back. She gave me a tour of where the magic happens. They all had warm welcoming smiles and encouraged me to continue to strive for what I love. I got to witness all these amazing women in action, working a lot harder than they get the credit for. Every single one of them was multitasking, working diligently to provide meals for students who don’t always show as much appreciation as they should.

Even though they are not teachers, these amazing lunch ladies definitely don’t go unnoticed and deserve this recognition and so much more. 

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