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Special foods keep cultures alive at home

October 9, 2021


Maya Ortiz

A meal of tacos dorados and pozole.

Food plays a prominent role in many homes, keeping alive traditions and passing down recipes from one generation to another.


CHILAQUILES, Latin America

“It’s tortilla chips with tomato sauce and cream and cheese and a sunny side egg on top of all the chips. It tastes amazing. It means a lot to me because it’s a tradition in our family to make it every Sunday, and it’s been passed down for generations. I don’t have a specific moment that stands out but there have been some good moments where our family puts our arguments to the side to eat it together.”

Andrick Lopez, 10

GYOZA, China

“It’s a type of dumpling that contains pork and leek. It’s really an amazing taste on your tongue, everything is homemade starting with the dough and whenever you bite into it, juice comes out from the pork and it’s absolutely delicious. It means the world because it’s coming from my grandma’s hard work and that’s how she gives her love to my family and I. As a kid I used to try and help my grandma make it. I was horrible at it, but she would set aside a piece of dough and I would put a peanut in it and play with it. As I got older I tried to learn how to properly fold it with my grandma.”

Kelly Tao, 11

EMPANADA, Colombia

“It’s a crunchy bread layer on the outside and beef and potatoes in a sauce in the inside. My grandma makes it when she’s in a good mood, so every few months. It means pure happiness and comfort. It’s the best thing you want to come home to from a school day. One day my sister cried when eating it because she woke up from a nap and it tasted so good. She just bawled her eyes out.”

Camilla Escobar, 11

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