Drama escalates in third season of ‘You’


Taylor Nethery, Staff Writer

The third season of “You” (released on Netflix Oct. 15) brought more to the table than its previous seasons. With 10 new hour-long episodes “You” puts you in the mind of a serial killer.

I have been invested in the show since it came out in 2018. Season 2 came out at the end of 2019. When COVID hit, season 3’s release was delayed. 

After almost two years, season 3 is finally out. Each season gets crazier and escalates when you least expect it. After living in New York during season 1, the main character Joe moves to Los Angeles in season 2. He changes his name to run from his past and meets Love Quinn. Season 3 continues the dramatic story of Joe and Love. 

I really enjoy how unique “You” is. Some people don’t like it because of how dark it is, which is valid because everyone has different tastes. “You” is so different because it’s from the perspective of a killer. The audience almost understands Joe and why he murders people out of jealousy. 

Most shows like this are from the perspective of the victim or the protagonist. It’s unique because viewers are able to almost validate Joe’s actual insanity. Joe narrates the show and often tells himself what he has done is in the best interest of the person he has fallen in love with. 

I recommend this show for anyone who likes crime shows or horror. There are disturbing images, but the storyline and plot hook you.