Romanticizing my life


Taylor Nethery

Senior Sharna Ngo says she has definitely made some adjustments in her life during the past two years.

Sharna Ngo, Staff Writer

In all honesty, life sucks. Too much stuff has happened in these past two years, and I think I would rather not talk about it in this piece. But what I did do, is learn. Lots of learning. Looking back at the version of me before everything happened, is quite different.

Before, I would want to sit in my room with nothing but me and all my little hobbies. Well, the pandemic handed that to me. I guess you can say that it changed the way I see everything. Staying inside for too long can do that to a person.

One of the best skills I’ve learned over my time alone is to romanticize my life. Some people say that I’m living in a movie, but I see it as if I’m being happier with the little things. It can be as simple as getting up in the morning, talking to friends, or even getting a glass of water. Being self aware is so important today, in any aspect. Encouraging ourselves to do better things for our lives is essential to being happy with who we are. 

  1. The first step is to acknowledge one’s self from an outside point of view. When I walk through school, I sometimes think that I’m in a little movie with my headphones blaring my background music. Realizing that you are walking down a simple hallway in a full world around you can be an overwhelming, yet exciting emotion because you can feel yourself living and breathing. It feels as if you’re opening doors to new possibilities. 
  2. The second step of how to romanticize your life is to find happiness in where you are right now. Oh you’re at work? Well, think of it as a little game that you play. From my personal experience as a receptionist, I think of it as a  “receptionist simulator” to get through the arduous day. By allowing myself to have fun, I can be a little happier in my workplace. 
  3. The third step is to understand what truly makes you happy. It can be hanging around your friends, sitting down and watching your favorite movie, or just being productive. Happiness comes in many forms, so I can’t give you the exact advice on how to make you truly happy. What I can tell you is that life isn’t always bad. Of course bad things will always happen, but finding meaning behind the good moments is crucial. Recognizing bad emotions only makes happier emotions even stronger. 

I’m no expert on psychology and I couldn’t tell you what the meaning of life is, but I can tell you why I live. I live to see the people I love grow into even better people; I live to see the happiness that I can create around my environment; I live to witness all the great things that life  can give to me. Everyday I think about those things to the point it becomes second nature. It takes time, so try not to rush the process.