Friends are the family we choose ourselves


Kylee Wing

Trae Martinez and Tristan Simmons have been the best of friends for the past year.

Kylee Wing, Staff Reporter

When sophomore Dani Daspit met Elly Kloesel during cheer tryouts freshman year, she had no idea she had just met her new best friend.

Two years later Kloesel calls Daspit “Jeff Chang” and Daspit calls Kloesel “magical croc wizard.”

“We have the same personalities,” Daspit said. “We’ve told each other too much not to be friends.”

Friendship has many rewarding qualities, such as having someone to lean on at all times.

“Everybody needs somebody to rely on, simple as that,” sophomore Trae Martinez said.

For the past 10 months Martinez and junior Tristan Simmons have been the best of friends.

Everyone makes memories, and the best ones are the ones you make with your best friends.

“There wasn’t just one moment,” sophomore Jacob Gutierrez said. “There was so many moments.”

Gutierrez and Joseph Hernandez have spent the past 3 years building their friendship into something they rely on and trust.

Being a teenager can be rough, especially when trying to find where you fit in.

“(Sophomore) Paige (Lockstedt) gives me someone to trust and talk to about anything,” sophomore Emily Haney said. “I can be myself around her.”

Lockstedt and Haney have been best friends for four years. There is nothing more fun and exciting to each of them than spending time with one another.

There is a very vague line on who makes a good friend to whom, but friendship helps you know who you are and who you are going to be. It pays off to build the right friendships with the right people.

“Honestly having a homie like Tristan ‘T money mak Simms’  has made me happy,” Martinez said. “T-Simms is like a brother to me.”