Music makes days less mundane


Fallon Head, Editor

Most students are familiar with passing periods, as they are the time given to get from one class to the next. The difference for students at this school instead of others is that instead of blaring bells to signify the beginning of the five minutes and the end, we have music. When a song starts, students get up to go to their next class, and when the music ends, there is only one minute left until the passing period is over. 

Music is a staple in my life, I have a song playing whenever I’m allowed. The surprise of what song will be played, and the excitement I feel when one of my favorite songs is played, is something I love about this school. 

Even silly songs like the “Macarena” or the “Cupid Shuffle” can bring a smile to people’s faces. One day, the “Macarena” played and all of my first period started doing the dance. All of us were laughing and just having a good time. Sometimes I hear a song I’ve never heard before and I end up really liking it. When I find out the name of the song, it’s a new favorite on my playlist. 

The music makes walking away from a test you know you failed somewhat easier, and it helps you get in the right mindset to go take notes in a hard class. It is a constant in the ever-changing life of students. The different songs and the occasional themed days of songs bring a weird comfort to my day. 

The range of song genres selected by administrative assistant Chelsea Mulligan makes sure the music doesn’t get repetitive, and it also helps ensure that every student should hear a song they like. As someone who likes all kinds of music, I really appreciate that it’s not all country or pop or anything else. 

The music really can make my day, and I can’t imagine what my high school experience would be without it.