Humans of KPARK: The Shy Singer


Madison Burns

Avery Alvarez used to only sing in the privacy of her own room until the day she joined a singing competition.

Erin O'Shea, Special Contributor

For most of her life, only the four walls surrounding her had ever heard her voice. Eventually, those walls were opened, and a few select people were opened to her soul. Music does that.

She was shy. She was afraid of showing what she could do. But those four walls couldn’t contain her any longer.

Those select people turned into parties of friends, for she believed in her voice. People would ask, “Why do you sing? Why is music so important to you?” Her answer never changed or wavered. She would answer, “It’s a part of me that I was born with. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved music.”

It didn’t take long for her four walls to become almost non-existent. People pressured her to audition for a church competition dubbed, “The Voice.”  But she had never sung onstage, and she continued telling her friends, “It might not be everything I think it is.” Nonetheless, she signed up.

She was nervous, as it wasn’t ever in her nature to put herself out there. The very idea of it terrified her, but she wasn’t one to back down.

Her day to sing came on a Wednesday after church. The people would vote and the winner would be announced the next week. She was the fifth person to sing.

There were moments when she wasn’t sure if music was the thing for her to do. But as the music started, she realized that playing music was the only thing she wanted to do, and being on stage was the only place she wanted to be. She sang her heart out.

She was complimented left and right, and it was an amazing moment.

The week passed slowly, and she didn’t win. But sophomore Avery Alverez had found a new purpose. She loved performing again and she wasn’t ever going to forget it.

“Never give up on what you’re most passionate about,” she said.