Impact reaches far during annual Day of Service

Freshman Eduardo Hernandez plays rock-paper-scissors with students during recess at Jack Field Elementary during Day of Service.

Daniel Spear, Staff Writer

Day of Service was a success once again this year as 600 students were divided up across 18 different locations to perform community service. The annual Day of Service for freshmen included locations like elementary schools, food kitchens and other Houston-area locations.

One group helped serve food to students at Elm Grove Elementary.

”I think we did a pretty good job with everybody,” freshman Scarlet Merkel said. “We were very good lunch ladies.” 

The experience was one that includedlearning responsibility and hard work. To help with the freshmen, some upperclassmen also attended. Senior Joseph Suarez said his senior year experience greatly differed from his freshman year one. He liked being there to lead and guide freshmen. 

Suarez helped students volunteering at Family Time, a crisis and counseling center for victims of domestic abuse. 

“It was definitely a good experience for me, as a leader, to take them out of their comfort zone a little bit,” Suarez said. “I got them to do something they’re not really used to doing on their own time and it could open their eyes to helping more people, which some of them really wouldn’t do in their free time.”