[Review] ‘God of War: Ragnarök’ tops its predecessor


Sony Santa Monica Studios

God of War: Ragnarök

Ryder Lowery, Staff Writer

“God of War” (2018) was a complete reset on the “God of War” franchise. It paved the way for a whole new story, and added so much narrative that we never could’ve expected. It rightfully earned the title of Game Of The Year in its year of release. Now in 2022 its sequel, “God of War: Ragnarök,” has blown its predecessor way out of the water with an even more emotionally impactful, action packed story.

Sony Santa Monica Studios saw the effect of their first edition of the revamp, and they sought to elevate that experience. With its heart-aching soundtrack, produced by Bear McCreary, it tells a whole new chapter to the story. Writing almost exactly the events of Norse Mythology, but adding their own flavor to the already written narrative.

The performance given by Christopher Judge as Kratos was unforgettable, even earning an award at the 2022 Game Awards. His ownership of the character has impacted this franchise since the very beginning back in 2005. Another nominee for the same award was co-star Sunny Suljic as Atreus/Loki. They’re performative chemistry was unmatched, and was a truly believable father/son dynamic.

In the original “God of War” games we didn’t see Kratos with very many allies, or any at all. In this duology we were introduced to many different characters, who have made the games just that more enjoyable. Freya, The Witch of The Woods, was introduced in “God of War” (2018), and was a continued supporting character in the sequel. She started as a timely confidant, but by the end of the first game, became a very dangerous enemy. Though by the middle of the campaign in the sequel her trust is regained, and she is once again a powerful ally.

The developers at Sony Santa Monica Studios have confirmed that this is the end of the Norse Mythology era, similar to how Kratos left Greek Mythology after the third game; but confirming that this is not the end of the “God of War” franchise. So we’re only left to question what realm will Kratos find himself in next, what mythos will he conquer next?