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Logan Gonzales (12)

How many years have you been swimming? 

“I’ve been swimming since I was 5. Summer league all the way up to high school.”

Is this your first time going to State? 

“No, I went last year.”

How did you do at Region this year?

“I think I did pretty good individually, but the team, we did great. I mean, we haven’t won Region boys and girls since 2015, so I’m very proud.”

What did you compete in this year?

“I competed in the 100 free, the 100 free relay, and the 400 free relay.”

How did you place?

“We placed first in the 400 free relay plus first in the 200 free relay, and I placed third and did get my call up for 100 free.”

Can you just describe your experience at Region? 

“It was pretty hype. It was just crazy. Like everyone was just going all out.”

What were your expectations for Region?

“I mean, I think I met my expectations of going to State and getting a lot more boys than last year.”

What was your initial reaction when you found out you’re going to State?

“I mean I was pretty excited. I mean because I get to go to UT-Austin pool and I love that pool.”

How are you preparing for State? 

“I’m tapering, so, like, I’m eating healthier, going light on sports because I’m a jock, so I can’t play as much sports.”

What are your expectations for State?

“I’d say get the 200 free relay to the A-Final.”

This being your final year, what does going to State mean? 

“I think it means, like, making coach proud and just, like, getting our name out there, I guess.” 

What has been your favorite memory of the season?

“I’d definitely say junior year State. I mean, like nothing could compare to that moment.”

What is something you’re going to miss about this season? 

“Definitely like the memories and just like consistently coming in at like 5:45 in the morning, saying good morning to all the guys and stuff like that.”

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