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Mary Brown

Grade: 12

Year on All Stars: 3

All Stars Team: Black Team & Green Team

What do you do to get yourself ready for a performance?

“I go home and I do my makeup and my hair. Then all of the All Stars come to school like 45 to 30 minutes before the game starts. We’ll just run through all the dances, get our poms, just do forms and then we go out there.”

What is your favorite snack on game days?

“Probably like Subway or a bagel.”

What is your favorite part about being at the basketball games?

“It’s a really chill part of Silver Stars. All Stars is usually all the advanced dancers so you just have to make sure you know the dances because we don’t normally practice with the All Star team. So you have to make sure you know your counts. I just like how like chill it is, just being with my friends and the dances. It’s fun being able to dance that close to like your parents and they get to see what else we can do. Not just jazz, contemporary or football. We do like hip hop and stuff like that.”

What is the biggest difference between dancing on the team during football and competition season compared to All Stars?

“It’s really chill, the dances [are] supposed to be under a minute. So they’re usually fun, like poms or hip hop. There’s no cleaning, there’s no grinding every day with those dances. Because during school we focus on either football or contests. All Stars is just something that you have to be prepared to do and not worry about if you’re going to be on time or anything, you should already know.

What special memory can you recall from being on the All Stars team?

“When we got our new uniforms, the green uniforms. I think that was my sophomore year. Because I just was not expecting to get new uniforms or to ever get new uniforms so the fact that we did get them, it was just really exciting.”

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