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Sean Kloesel (12)

How long have you been swimming?

“For high school two year. I started swimming when I was like 4 then I stopped when I was in seventh grade all the way to my junior year.”

Is this your first time going to State?

“It is not, this is my second year.”

How did you do at Region?

“I placed second in my 50 free and then was the second leg on the 200 free relay we won.”

Can you describe your experience at Region?

“It was fun. I mean, it was regions. So a little bit more expectations were on me but I mean, I had a good time. We all swam well, and we all came out with the victory that we wanted to have.”

What were your expectations for Region prelims?

“My expectations were just to move on to A final and all my events and just try to stay rested at night so I can be ready for the next day.”

What were your expectations for Region finals?

“Make it to State.”

What was your initial reaction when you find out you’re going to State?

“I was hype. Whenever I got my 50 free time, I punched the air.”

This being your last year, what does going to State mean to you?

“I want to do really well as an individual and also as a team, and I really just want to enjoy my time with the team because I don’t have much time left.”

What is your favorite memory from this past season?

“Honestly, probably the Christmas party. I just I personally felt like we all as a team like grew so much closer to each other.”

What has been the hardest part leading up to State?

“Probably practices. Especially getting up at five o’clock every morning to go to practice for about an hour; and then also over breaks having to practice whenever you’re just tired and want to be able to sleep in, but you can’t be you have to go work hard.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“No, I just I appreciate all that the coaches do for us and how they help us perfect our strokes or turns or starts – how they help like try to make us better.”

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