‘The Last of Us’ makes seamless transition to TV



‘The Last of Us’ makes smooth transition from video games to TV.

Ryder Lowery, Staff Writer

The Last Of Us is one of the most recognizable and highest-rated video game franchises. They’ve had multiple remakes of the original game, along with a full-fledged sequel: The Last Of Us, Part 2. The games introduced so many of us to newly beloved characters and a whole new world to fall in love with. Sony Studios wanted to expand their reach of this world to a whole new audience, by adapting the critically-acclaimed video game into its own TV series.

Video game movie/tv adaptations have never been the best, such as the Uncharted movie to go along with the Uncharted game series. It lacked the right cast, writing and overall vision. With The Last Of Us, one could tell they had true love for the story and characters. Pedro Pascal was a perfect pick to play Joel Miller, same goes with Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams. They truly understood the connection the characters have and the connection players of the games have with them as well. 

As far as accuracy to the game goes, it was almost identical. Players who have repeatedly played the game and have grown a sense of familiarity with the dialogue will notice most of the scenes matched word for word with the game, showing how the creators just wanted to share their original story to a broader audience. 

The beginning of the game is one of the saddest, heart-wrenching openings to any piece of media. That same feeling was brought to the beginning of the show. That sense of loss and tragedy was carried over from video game to television almost seamlessly. The infection of the cordyceps is just as chaotic and terrifying as it was originally. The fungus, being a real-life phenomenon, creates a feeling of dread and terror that something like that could actually occur.

The Last Of Us became one of the most loved video games of all time. One would think a live-action version would be hard to compare, but so far the show could be just as big as the games.