Uniqueness of ‘Kaleidoscope’ adds to the appeal



Kaleidoscope offers fun perspective on Netflix.

Daniel Spear, Staff Writer

Netflix has recently released a new original project named Kaleidoscope, a drama miniseries which boasts that viewers can watch any of the first seven episodes in a mixed order and get a unique perspective each time. Starring actor Giancarlo Esposito, the main character plans and executes a heist against millionaire Roger Salas and his impenetrable vault. 

The show itself does a good job of describing the characters and their motives for the heist, which is mostly money. While viewers see it unfold, we also see glimpses of key events from years before. 

Now, Netflix’s claim of being able to watch the first seven episodes in any order is bold as some don’t make sense if played before others, but it does mostly hold up. The story doesn’t give all the characters equal attention as this is supposed to be the story of Esposito’s character Leo Pap.

Casting in its own right is spectacular as every actor plays their part well, especially Jai Courtney in the role of safecracker Bob Goodwin. He isn’t just good at cracking safes but pushing people’s buttons as well. He notoriously doesn’t get along with Peter Mark Kendall’s character Stan Loomis as they both have history with Rosaline Elbay’s character Judy Goodwin. Overall, the casting really pulls you into the show. They give the characters depth that I don’t think any other actors could.

Kaleidoscope did amazing, whether it was the soundtrack composed by Dominic Lewis, or the amazing action scenes and, depending on the order you watch it in, intriguing mystery. The order I would recommend is if you are not a huge fan of mystery and want to know the reasons of Leo Pap: Violet, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, Pink, and finally end it off with White the day of the heist. Red and Pink actually take place after the heist itself and In my opinion The ending of Episode Pink is a lot better than and more fulfilling than white. Itreally ties the story together and gives Leo Pap the ending he deserves.

My final rating on the story is 4 out of 5, The casting is 5 out of 5, music is 4.5 out of 5. For a final overall rating, I give it a 4.5 out of 5. The only  issue I have is that the ending of White is lackluster. Even though it makes sense as a whole, it doesn’t give you the same fulfilling ending as Pink does.