Nolasco chases dreams in sky


Submitted by Javier Nolasco

Senior Javier Nolasco is spending much of his free time earning his pilot’s license.

Katie Gerbasich, Staff Writer

Growing up, senior Javier Nolasco always wanted to be a pilot. In July, he turned 17, the minimum age to apply for a pilot’s license. He decided to do just that and received his Private Pilots License in September.

“I have always loved to fly but I always flew as a passenger,” Nolasco said. “Being able to fly as a pilot is one of the best experiences of my life.”

In order to get a pilot’s license, a person must meet the flying hours requirements set by the FAA, as well as pass three exams – a written test, an oral test and a flying test. Nolasco has passed the written exam early on and recently passed his other two.

“There is a lot of self discipline, as it will seem like no one is watching,” Nolasco said. “There are no cops hiding in the cloud to make sure you’re following the rules, but you have to make sure you do things right as everything is recorded and will be traced back.”

After Nolasco took his written exam, his father decided to tag along to his training flight. They were planning to just do touch and go but Nolasco’s instructor thought he was ready for the next step: a solo flight.

“Not only did I pass my written and did my solo on the same day, which is very rare by itself, but I also had my dad be there to see my first solo which all made that day unforgettable,” Nolasco said.

In gaining his Private Pilot’s License in high school, Nolasco believes it will help him seek employment faster in the future. He plans on getting more piloting licenses to hopefully become a United Airlines captain.

“The aviation world is one like no other, you don’t have the same view out the window everyday,” Nolasco said. “You go to sleep in a different city, country, or even continent than in the one you woke up in. And best of all, while others pay to get to their vacation destination you get paid to fly there.”