Kayfes finds passion as she works to become an Eagle Scout


Daniel Spear

Senior Mchaley Kayfes is working toward her Eagle Scout distinction.

Daniel Spear, Staff writer

Senior Mchaley Kayfes joined Boy Scouts in 2018, after first starting out as a Girl Scout and quickly losing interest.

“People are generally surprised when I tell them I’m in Boy Scouts,” Kayfes said. “They usually assume I’m in Girl Scouts.”

Kayfes found her passion when attending the National Youth Leadership Training.

“I remember when my little brother was in Cub Scouts, I would tag along with him because of how much fun it was,” Kayfes said. “I would go on camping trips, weekly meetings, and any other events I could go on because of my love for the organization and program.”

When sophomore Cole Kayfes crossed over from being a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout, Kayfes said that she wasn’t able to participate in the activities she was used to. She was made to hang out with the adults primarily supervising.
As the Boy Scouts organization announced it would allow girls, Kayfes joined.

Now she is working to create an Eagle Scout project by painting the United States on the Elm Grove Elementary basketball court. The paint required has been expensive; and while Kayfes isn’t finished, it’s her goal to finish this project for her community.

“The purpose of my Eagle Scout project is so when the elementary students learn about the states they can learn outside,” Kayfes said. “We’ve all been in school when COVID hit and younger kids have gotten used to learning on a screen. This is to help them with being more active outside and learning while having fun.”