Weeklong breaks remain positive addition to calendar

The district continues to work a week-long break into the calendar every October and February.


Brianna Buckley

Humble ISD breaks during October and February have become welcome additions to the calendar for students.

Bailey Hall, Staff Writer

October and February breaks are great for students and teachers. It gives students time to take a break from all the stress of test assignments and grades. Around these breaks are when school really starts to get stressful for students so having the breaks is very nice. People need breaks just from work and school. 

Not having to really worry about school for  a week is pretty nice, I know I enjoy having a week to myself to reorganize my life and just my mind in general. 

Before we had these breaks, it just seemed like school went on forever and that school was my whole life. With this small break, it makes school seem a little less long. When the breaks first started a few years ago, people thought it was going to be weird. I mean, so did I. We had never had these breaks before and it seemed weird to just have these random weeks off in addition to all the normal holiday breaks.

Honestly, they new October and February breaks have become my favorite breaks. 

Breaks during Thanksgiving, December and Spring break, are usually packed with things to do. My family might come to town or we have to travel to different states to see family. But during October and February breaks, I have nothing to do. I literally have nothing to do and I think that’s what makes them so great. Having so much leisure time is amazing. 

Although the breaks do make our summer shorter in the long run, I think it makes school more bearable.