Silver Stars bring home big awards at nationals


Submitted by Cyndi Vaughn.

The Silver Stars celebrate at the end of the awards ceremony in Arlington on March 25.

Kaitlyn Sitton, Design Editor

The Silver Stars spent a long weekend competing and bonding with each other at the MA national competition in Arlington on March 23-26. Through this competition, the team won first in lyrical and jazz and third in contemporary in their category. The team ended up winning 10th overall out of the teams at the competition. 

The officers won first in lyrical, second in open and third in jazz in their category. They ended up placing sixth out of all the officers. 

“It felt like that proud moment when you know you’ve worked hard all season and it just paid off at the end,” Colonel Emily Hernandez, 12, said. 

The Silver Stars have been to other competitions this season, but nationals is what they prepared for all year. With nationals, the Silver Stars went against teams from all over the country rather than just within the state. 

“It’s more pressure,” freshman Olivia Horton said, “but it’s also fun because it’s your last time dancing together.”

The team performed three team dances, three officer dances, solos and a duet at the competition. But the weekend didn’t just consist of competing, many fun surprises were in store for the girls on the day they left.

The Silver Stars were surprised with a tour of AT&T Stadium as well as a private class from the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. The team also enjoyed the day after their competition at Six Flags, riding roller coasters and celebrating the successful weekend.

There were many exciting parts of the national competition, but seeing the team hit their final pose was a favorite for director Cyndi Vaughn. 

“Watching the team dances at the very end and that last moment that the team hits their final position,” Vaughn said, “ then everyone knew that they did everything they could and I could see that in their faces.”