Latest season of Outer Banks does not disappoint



Outer Banks fans have enjoyed the release of season 3.

Allie Jorgensen, Staff Writer

Excitement spread as Outer Banks’ latest season finally premiered on Netflix. The moment it was released, everyone rushed to their TVs, phones and computer screens to binge watch the long-awaited season 3 of OBX.

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Outer Banks is a Netflix series about young teens trying to solve a local mystery. John B enlists his friends – Kiara, Sarah, JJ and Pope – to hunt for a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance. 

This series highlights the conflicts between pogues and kooks. Pogues are those who are living on their own with only what is on their backs as the working class, and kooks are wealthy citizens. The people in Outer Banks are divided into these two groups, and their differences are a continual source of conflict.

Within the story, there is a spark of romance between some of the characters that becomes complicated and twisted while they are on the mission. Throughout the seasons, romance has been heavily emphasized, leaving no stone unturned for others to find out. Everybody eventually finds out about any relationships in the show.

Outer Banks Season 3 has taken a big turn in the series, really getting into the treasure hunt part of the mission, but John B and his friends face many conflicts between other people who are also seeking to find the treasure. This season has really grabbed its audience’s attention, as they seem to really enjoy what season 3 has to offer. The previous seasons have been a huge success, and it is confirmed that season 4 of Outer Banks is on the way.