Computer maintenance donates to Tiny Home


The computer classes build a computer for Tiny Home, photo by Shelby Townsend.

Shelby Townsend, Staff writer

The tiny homes program provides a new future for veterans in the community. To help assist the veterans, the computer maintenance classes decided to make a project focused on building computers for the veterans to use.

“Every computer maintenance class will build a computer to donate with the tiny home so they have it from start to finish,” teacher John Nicholson said.

The students do everything themselves. First, they were given a budget of $1,000, which they must adhere to as they purchased parts. They had to research all parts of the computer, price comparing then having to come up with a business proposal. After being approved, the parts are ordered and the students wait excitedly as the parts come in one after another.

“Some of them have never built a computer before,” Nicholson said. “A lot of them learn and then go home and build their own computers.”

By adding this computer to the veterans’ homes, it opens them up to many more possibilities: online job applications, video games, streaming services. With the world becoming increasingly more online, having access to a computer is vital. Veterans are able to communicate with family members and much more.

The computer maintenance program isn’t stopping there. They want to take the project further by running an ethernet cable through the tiny homes community in Liberty. Down the line, they hope to also open a workshop where students and teachers can bring their technology to have it fixed.

“Actually delivering it to the Tiny Home is always special,” Nicholson said. “It’s nice to continue to give students the knowledge of what it feels like and what it is to give back.”