Talented, optimistic, hardworking, Silver shows it all


The award-winning Silver Stars have gained new members. Junior Silver Houwari, has been dancing now for 14 years and has high hopes for her new dance journey this year.

Even though this is Houwari’s first year being a Silver Star, she is used to the stage. . She danced seven years of recreational dance and seven years at the Houston Ballet Academy.

“I joined Silver Stars because I needed a change of pace and I didn’t love ballet anymore,” says Silver. “I also wanted to get involved in high school, since I only have 2 years left.”

Vaughn, who has been a dance director for 19 years now, had Houwari as one of her students before she became a Silver Star.

“Having Silver in dance class before being on Silver Stars has allowed me to have more of a teacher/student relationship more than with the other rookies,” Vaughn said.

Houwari has already connected with the other girls on the team.

“Silver and I have a unique relationship, not only because we share so many interests, but we’ve actually known each other for a long time,” said Moira Greff, a returning Silver Stars member. “Silver and I danced at the Houston Ballet together when we were in fourth grade. Little did I know I would be dancing with her again. I’m excited to grow even closer with her over these next two years.”

Houwari has already been recognized this year for her dancing on the drill team. She received Dancer of the Week honors during the first week of the football season from the drill team’s military officers.

Not only is Houwari  an amazing dancer, but she is also a hard worker who strives to be better daily.

“Silver cares about her work, she cares about the students around her and she seems to love being here,” Vaughn said.

Overall, Houwari is already loving the experience and being part of the team. She can’t wait to see what the upcoming year brings for her.

“Being a Silver Star is so much fun and gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day,” Houwari said. “I plan on bringing hard work and KPARK spirit this year.”