College fair helps students choose their future


Guadalupe Perez

Anna Jackson and Madison Shrock walk around the college fair in the commons talking to sponsors of certain colleges, including Texas Tech.

Sydney Woodward, News Editor

College fairs are meant to exhibit to students some of their many options into which college they go to. These are very helpful to students because it gives them options that may not be obtainable outside of school for some. Some of these options include the University of Houston, Texas A&M, and the University of Louisiana.

These are especially important to juniors and seniors, as they apply to colleges.

“Being at the college fair I get to look at my options and figure out what I’m going to do after high school,” Lindsey Adams11 said.

The college fairs are one of many ways KPark gets its students ready for the college life ahead of them.  It is a very useful tool for every grade, giving the students options to look at as college nears closer.

“I’m think about going to Texas A&M or U of H,” Ashir Ishtiaq12 said.