Tea Talk

Christine Crockett, Staff Reporter

Tea is my favorite beverage for multiple reasons. It warms me up when I’m cold and it tastes quite good. Tea wakes me up enough to function, to some extent, throughout the school day.

Some teas get bitter if steeped for too long, but I can still enjoy drinking them. Some of my favorite teas are English breakfast, earl grey, any of the peach teas from Teavana, green, and mint. Green tea can help freshen breath which is definitely a plus.

Tea is good for different things. It can wake me up and it can make me tired. It is also good for making paper look old.

Ice tea is what I like to have with lunch because it is cool and refreshing as opposed to hot tea which I prefer to have in the mornings, sometimes afternoon, and evening.

To make my tea, I like to use a kettle on the stove rather than a microwave. Although it takes more time, it tastes much better. To make really good tea, boiling water is needed. Not just hot water.

I take black teas with milk and sugar which makes them milder and sweeter. With green tea and herbal teas, I only take sugar because their flavors are much milder. In order to make my loose teas, I use a tea infuser or a tea filter (empty tea bag meant to be filled with loose tea).

People have been drinking tea for thousands of years and I can see why. It is really good.