K-Park sophomores take on challenge of AP Psychology

Erin O'Shea, Staff Reporter

Sophomore Abby Bennett, who already had two AP classes under her belt, wanted to add another AP credit to her resume this year. She heard from many students that AP Psychology was a fun and interesting class. So she signed up for the course.

Thus far, Bennett loves the class and all that she has learned.

“I’ve learned how people think and how people act in groups,” Bennett said, three weeks into class. “I can use all the different aspects on how people think to change the way I think so I can understand different viewpoints.”

AP Psychology, one of the few AP courses open to underclassmen, is fast becoming a K-Park favorite.

Though the class is mostly taken by juniors and seniors, 12 sophomores are taking AP Psychology this year, an increase from the seven who took the AP test last year, according to Amy Balke, who teaches the course.

Many of the students have taken a previous AP class, Human Geography, and are now expanding their class courses to include more challenging classes.

According to The College Board, the number of sophomores taking psychology nationwide is much smaller than juniors and seniors.

Andrea Unwin, a sophomore who took two AP classes last year and has two more this year, is adding AP Psychology to her growing list of college credit classes.

“I’ve taken so many classes to prepare me for college,” Unwin said, “but I think psychology would definitely be a very interesting field to go into.”