K-Park theatre gets “inn” to the swing of its fall production

Avery Alvarez, Staff Reporter

The latest K-Park Theatre production is part comedy, part drama, part mystery — and cast members hope, a whole lot of fun.

“Murder Inn,” written by Howard Voland and Keith McGregor, is focused on a group of tourists who get stuck in a rundown inn supposedly haunted by a knife-wielding ghost named Marco. One of the visitors is found dead and the guests suddenly find themselves in a classic ‘whodunit’ situation.

Junior Seth Tarango, who has been in theater since middle school, plays Jake Talbot, the innkeeper’s son who is kind but odd in nature. Out of the nine plays he has performed in high school, Tarango feels this one poses an interesting take on how his character progresses throughout the story. In reflection of that, he has to move away from his safe zone and embrace a different personality.

“Some parts of the play your character may be nothing like you,” Tarango said. “But you just got to become them and say ‘I’m not comfortable with this, but he is so I have to be,’ There’s definitely a part in the play that does that for me.”

On the other end of the spectrum, senior Cameron Vidos, who plays Lawrence Currier, a professor traveling with his son Todd, is just now joining the theater scene.  “Murder Inn” is Vidos’ first play. He loves being able to practice, learn his lines and see how a cast of people can make something great.

“I’m always looking forward to see how rehearsal will go and to see how everyone will interact in the play,” Vidos said.

The students involved have been working to put this play together since early September when they started casting. The set includes a seating area, a bar and a fireplace, which is used for the entire play.

The script is quirky and cute, but also serious. The stage manager, senior McKenna Hancock, says this play is like nothing she has ever worked on before. Most plays stick to one genre throughout the whole story but this one is different.

“They’re either funny or they’re dramatic and there’s not usually a line,” Hancock said. “But this one hits that line its like in the middle between the both, and it’s so much fun.”

Tickets for “Murder Inn” are $10. They play will be performed November 3, 4, 5 and 7 at 7:00 p.m in the KPHS Performing Arts Center.