Ice cream surprise awarded to students with high grades


Kaeli Davidson

Students add topping to their free Culver’s ice cream they received at lunch if they made all As or Bs on October 28.

Sydney Woodward, Co-Editor-In-Chief

As  the K-Park student body buzzed with excitement following the Oct. 28 pep rally for the homecoming game and dance, principal Lisa Drabing broke through the noise on the announcements, proclaiming that all students who got all A’s and B’s on their report card would get Culver’s ice cream at lunch.

The idea to reward students for good grades came from associate principal Brian Johnson.

“You know for a lot of kids who take five AP classes it is (getting all A’s and B’s) an accomplishment,” Johnson said. “We wanted to honor as many students as we could.”

For some students, like junior Gracie Wischnewsky, including just  A’s and B’s was not enough. Wischnewsky missed the mark by one point, getting a 79 in one of her classes. She feels that requirements should extend another 10 points so everyone that is passing can get in on the reward.

Still, out of K-Park’s entire student body, 690 students qualified for ice cream, although only 600 picked up their ice cream. Rewards will be given out every time a report card is issued, though it may not be ice cream every time, Johnson said.  

“We had fun doing it,” he said. “We hoped the students enjoyed it.”