Premiere of “Teen Wolf’s” final season pulls no punches (Spoilers)


Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, in an official trailer for “Teen Wolf” season six.

Katey Searcy, Staff Reporter

After five season of twists, turns and tragic deaths, the final season of “Teen Wolf,” which premiered Nov. 15 on MTV, hit one of the most lovable characters with a unforgettable curve ball.

Stiles, a character with comedic charm and abundant sarcasm whom the viewers have grown to love over the past five seasons, has been forgotten.

Each season of “Teen Wolf” is based around defeating a monster. This season is focused on defeating the Wild Hunt, a horseman that has the ability to erase people from reality. According to the  myth from Norse mythology,  once someone sees the horse, they  will be taken from everyone’s memory.

“Teen Wolf” has been highly rated with 7.7 stars out of ten, according to IMDb, and is a favorite among many students at K-Park.

Season 3B of “Teen Wolf” was one of the most highly-rated seasons because of  Stiles, played by Dylan O’Brien.

The fans love for Stiles has created the final seasons revolving around figuring out and remembering who he is.

It is rumored that this season will unveil a long-awaited relationship between Stiles and Lydia. Lydia, who has  supernatural powers to be able to predict when someone is going to die, is a key part of the show.

This is partly foreshadowed at the end of the premiere episode when Stiles admits his love for her before being taken by the Wild Hunts and forgotten by the rest of the characters.

This final season promises to be extremely challenging for the characters as they  overcome something they can’t see and  as the group of friends, who have been through everything, will have to learn who their real friends are.