K-Park students create art for Houston Rodeo


Sarah Martell

Rachel Scott works on a painting of people riding horses crossing a river.

Sarah Martell, Photo Editor

Gleaming cases of student artwork stand between the carnival rides, fried food, animal shows and mutton-busting at the Houston Rodeo.

Since 1963, students from districts across the Houston area have submitted pieces that they spend months creating with the hope of earning up to $18,000 in scholarship money.

About 135 different school districts participate in the school art program, which got more than 200,000 entries last year. More than 9 million entries have been received since 1965.

Junior Carson Creech, one of the  K-Park students submitting their artwork, has been participating in the rodeo since middle school. This will be her sixth year at the rodeo. Creech is currently working on a piece of two young boys, with their face full of rosy smiles, skipping across a field on stick horses.

“The process is very tedious and long and boring but once it starts coming together it gives you a sense of accomplishment,” says Creech.

It takes Creech three months to complete her work before it’s submitted to the rodeo. Although she has never won money for her pieces, she keeps trying each year hoping to earn scholarships for her work.

Senior Rachel Scott is also participating in Rodeo Art this year with a piece depicting the Zion National Park. Scott has been working on her oil painting since September. Since she is using oil at her medium, it will take another three months for it to dry before she is able to send it in.

The rodeo will take place March 7-26, 2017. Until then, both artists will keep perfecting their entries.