New librarian brings life to K-Park’s library


Allyssa Reed

Jessica Castille poses next to the new TV in the library.

Allyssa Reed, Opinions Editor

Gone is the chaotic mess, replaced by neatness. Books on shelves and papers are stacked neatly on the desk. Picture frames filled with smiling faces decorate the room. The K-Park  librarian’s office is almost unrecognizable now.

Jessica Castille hasn’t always been a librarian; she was a teacher first. It was her love for teaching that first introduced her to the idea of becoming a librarian. To K-Park students who attended Bear Branch Elementary, Castille isn’t a new face. She was a librarian to many students during their years at Bear Branch.

On her first day at K-Park, Castille wasn’t nervous but she did feel a bit lost.

It took her a bit to become accustomed to K-Park but now she’s finally learning the ins and outs of the school. Castille left Atascocita High school, which has nearly 3,400 students, to come to K-Park, with a population of 1,785. Castille applied for the position because her son Luke is zoned to come to K-Park.

“It’s a blessing to be here,” Castille said.  

Castille wants to make the library a place to go whenever a student needs to relax, study, read or even just to get away from the noisy cafeteria during lunch. She also plans to bring more technology into the library.

A new television has already been installed. Books flash across the screen, enticing readers to take a closer look. The changes being made are widely liked by students, however some students would like to see other things changed besides the sitting area and the clubs.

“I would like the way you find a book to change, make using Destiny less complicated,” says Senior Chloe Ham.

Regarding the book club and Pinterest club that her predecessor sponsored, Castille plans to keep them going but would like to reinvent the Pinterest club. She wants to make the club a place where students can create whatever they want with the materials given to them. She also wants to add a crafting corner to the library.   

Castille is one of the people to credit for the library being open to students during lunch. Previously, the library was closed to students attending lunch.

Many students such as junior Michael Tamayo, are overjoyed about that change.

“I’m excited because it allows me to read during lunch where it’s quiet,” Tamayo said.