A blast from the fast – new fast food in Kingwood


Panda Express’s logo.

Michael Horton, Staff Reporter

On a Saturday, around 4:45 p.m., Panda Express manager Alfredo Carrasco enters the restaurant and is greeted by hellos from his employees. He greets his employees and heads behind the counter. The staff is hard at work, making food for the customers in line and in the drive-thru, while also preparing for the night’s dinner rush.

As the Kingwood community has expanded over the past few years, Kingwood residents have been treated to several new options for fast food. One of the newest establishments is Panda Express, which expanded to Kingwood in December 2016.

Panda Express, a fast food giant established in 1983, serves Chinese food and operates like an assembly line. Customers walk across the counter and pick out  the foods to include in their meal. Since opening, the Kingwood Panda Express has taken in roughly $10,000 per day, according to Carrasco.

“We wanted to branch out,” Carrasco said. “We wanted to introduce Panda to the north side of Humble. With the expansion of Panda, we’ve seen great feedback from our guests, so it’s been a great move.”

The move to Kingwood has been positive for the establishment in more ways than just financially. “It’s great to see the different types of guests,” Carrasco said. “Kingwood is a great side of the Houston community.”