Jackman takes his last stand as Wolverine in “Logan”


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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in “Logan.”

Matthew Ogle, Staff Reporter

The movie theaters have been packed since the release of Marvel’s Logan on March 3rd and rightfully so as it is the famed actor, Hugh Jackman’s, final performance as the prominent Marvel superhero, Wolverine.

Logan takes place in the year 2029 near the Texas-Mexico border; the world has become more desolate and nearly all of the world’s mutants have gone extinct. The film’s protagonist, Logan (Jackman) struggles to survive near the Texas-Mexico border along with two other mutants: Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Caliban (Stephen Merchant).

During the film, Jackman’s character takes care of Xavier, formerly known as the X-Men’s Professor X. Xavier suffers from Alzheimer’s disease in the film, which causes him to forget who Logan is, talk in nonsensical phrases, and occasionally experience severe seizures. The seizures cause him to lose control of his telepathic abilities, resulting in agonizing pain and stoppage of time for anyone in the area.

Logan, himself, is experiencing troubles with his own powers. Due to his healing abilities beginning to wear off, his body is covered with scars and it takes longer for him to regenerate. The reason behind this is the very thing that makes the Wolverine indestructible; the adamantium that covers his skeleton has poisoned him, gradually, over his lifetime.

To begin the film, Logan has a job as a limousine driver in order to gain enough money to purchase a boat for he and Xavier to live on in the Gulf of Mexico. However, he is interrupted when a young mutant named Laura is dropped into his life.

Laura Kinney (AKA X-23) is a manufactured mutant made by the government agency known as Alkali-Transigen. She was made using Wolverine’s DNA and has the same abilities as he does: Adamantium skeleton and claws, regeneration, and the same berserk rage. Laura escaped Transigen with the help of a worker from the corporation and seeks to go to North Dakota where there is supposed to be a safe place for young mutants.

After initially refusing, Logan decides to take his biological daughter to North Dakota, despite just meeting her. Unfortunately, the government agency and their army known as the Reavers will stop at nothing to get her back, due to her being essential to their creation of a new weapon, X-24.

 This film is not meant for the faint of heart, as this is the first Wolverine/X-Men film to have an R-rating. There are several visually gruesome scenes involving decapitations, removal of limbs, and just simply blood and gore which is no uncommon task for the famed Wolverine. There are also multiple “F-bombs” and other uses of profanity as well as minor nudity which definitely institutes the R- rating.

Despite the gruesomeness of the movie, this film has comedic aspects as well as touching moments between Logan and his daughter that effectively develop Jackman’s character and allows the audience to witness a different side of the fan-favorite Wolverine for his final performance on the silver screen.

 I highly recommend going to see this film as it is Jackman’s last time playing the role that brought him to fame as well as one of his best performances as Wolverine.