Ed Sheeran dominates top charts with new album


Ed Sheeran released his new album ➗ (Divide) on March 3.

Allyssa Reed, Opinions Editor

Ed Sheeran’s album ➗ (Divide) is finally here. The album was released on March 3rd and has been breaking record after record. “Shape Of You” was one of the first singles from the album released, and from that point on Sheeran started breaking records. The song has been #1 on the charts since it’s release. The album itself has broken records such as Spotify’s most streamed in ‘one day’ and the most streamed album on it’s ‘first day.’

Album opener “Eraser” is a rap track with a beautiful chorus. With guitar strumming steadily and the back up vocals in the background, the song is a memoir of the past few years of Sheeran’s life. Sheeran mentions playing Wembley Stadium, conversations with his father, touring, and lessons learned. In the chorus, Sheeran mentions his year long hiatus with the lyrics; “welcome to the new show/ I guess you know I’ve been away/ where I’m heading, who knows”.

This album is unlike anything Sheeran has ever done before. Fans hear the ginger singer like they have never heard him. Sheeran has stepped out of his comfort zone and has produced something incredible.

The record may be different but it’s still got those beautiful slow love songs that fans fall in love with. While “Thinking Out Loud” from his last album “X” (Multiply) is highly considered the highlight song of Sheeran’s career, this album contains a track that gives that song a run for its money. “Perfect” is a sweet and slow love ballad with lyrics such as “we are still kids, but we’re so in love/ fighting against all odds”. The vocals are hypnotizing, Sheeran’s voice captivates listeners and keeps them coming back to hear more. With it’s steady slow beat and drawn out lyrics, the song is a beautiful ballad.

“Nancy Mulligan” is a folk song written about his grandparents love story. The love story between the two is one that resembles Romeo and Juliet due to lyrics like “she and I went on the run/don’t care about religion/ I’m gonna marry the woman I love”. The song is a traditional Irish jig complete with guitar, fiddle, and semi-fast spoken lyrics. The song was created with the help of folk group Beoga. Sheeran and Beoga teamed up together to produce and create two songs on the album. In a n interview for BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Sheeran reveals that he made the decision to work with the band after meeting them through Foy Vance. Sheeran admits that he’s always wanted to work with a group like Beoga but never knew one that he wanted to or could work with.

The group also provides the background vocals and the fiddle heard in the song. With its upbeat sound, the track is very catchy and is easily stuck in one’s head.

“Dive” is a soulful tune with a steady beat. Sheeran belts out the lyrics “so don’t call me baby unless you mean it/don’t tell me you need me if you don’t believe it” and it’s absolutely awe inspiring just how beautiful his voice is. At times, mainly during the chorus, Sheeran’s voice becomes deep and husky which just melts the hearts of all those who listen to it. Sheeran brings in Jessie Ware in the background for one single line of the verse. Ware provides background vocals with the line “what’s your history?”. Sheeran is branching out and bringing in others for his new music, which is something he hasn’t previously done before.

The album offers fans a little bit of everything from rap to folk, there’s a song for everyone. If one is looking for an upbeat tune then “What Do I Know” or “Bibia Be Ye Ye” are the tracks for you. If a slow ballad is what you’re seeking then “How Would You Feel (Paean)” is exactly what you’re searching for. Want something a little different? “Galway Girl” with it’s folk sound is definitely worth listening to.

“Happier” is a song about seeing an ex with someone new and seeing how much happier that person is with that person. It sounds like a song one would hear from One Direction. With its soft guitar strumming and raw emotion, this track is definitely one of the best on this album. With lyrics like “and until then I’ll smile to hide the truth/ but I know I was happier with you” and “I know that there’s others that deserve you/ but my darling, I am still in love with you”, the song is one that depicts heartache and loneliness but also depicts a sense of growing up and moving on.

“Supermarket flowers” was written in tribute to his grandmother who passed during the making of the album. The song is a tear jerking tribute to his grandmother.“Barcelona” is an upbeat catchy song that listeners can’t help but to dance to. Sheeran mixes in Spanish verses, which was not expected but definitely appreciated.

Album closer “Save Myself” is just as heartbreaking as the name makes it seem. Piano chords and soft spoken lyrics combine together to make a song about picking yourself up off the ground. Sheeran croons the lyrics “before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself”. But why is this track in particular so very heartbreaking? “Life can get you down so I just numb the way it feels/ I drown it with a drink and out-of-date prescription pills” are the raw emotional lyrics that just break one’s heart when heard.

Overall the album was well worth the long wait. Sheeran has once again produced something that goes above and beyond fan expectations. It’s clear that Sheeran used his year away from fame wisely. With all the different sounds and feelings captured in each and every track on the album, it’s no shock that it’s going to continue to break records. This is going to be one successful year in the music industry for the flame haired singer.