CRU hosts annual fifty-foot banana split social

CRU members pose with their ice cream.

Sarah Cate Bray, Staff Reporter

On September 17 our school cafeteria was taken over by a fifty-foot banana split. Students poured in to get a bite of ice cream, to take a cute picture to post on their story, and to learn about CRU.


CRU stands for Campus Crusades for Christ. The club’s purpose is to gather students together to learn about God and fellowship with other Christians in our schools.


Before the students were free to demolish the banana split, Dr. Wallace, an Assistant Principal at our school, shared with them her personal testimony which reflected why she thought being involved in CRU is so important.


“CRU is a way for kids to live out their faith in school, which is hard for a public school. It’s good to be with other believers” said Wallace.

Zac Smith, a student leader at CRU, spoke to those gathered and informed them of what CRU is all about and how members of the club will grow closer to God and to one another.


CRU is a club for everyone, from freshmen who are eager to get involved and make friends to seniors who want to give it a shot before heading out to college.  No matter where you are in your walk with God, CRU will welcome you.


Sadly there won’t be a fifty-foot banana split every Friday after school, but there definitely will be food, faith, and fellowship for all students at KPark.