Counselors host group talks for community, students affected by flooding


Sarah Cate Bray

Kristin Johnson, Kacie Sheridan, Cindy Babich, Tatiana Kolesnikov, Kelly Kilpatrick, Gina Sanchez, Lesa Pritchard, and Regina Garcia are all counselors and educators that volunteered to provide child care, snacks, and counseling for Harvey victims.

Sarah Cate Bray and Kindell Arcizo

For some in the Kingwood community, Hurricane Harvey is old news, but to others dealing with the storm’s effects is an ongoing everyday struggle.  

45.46 percent of Kingwood and 160 Kingwood Park staff and students were directly affected by Harvey. Whether their house had one to five feet of water or was completely submerged, members of the community and the school are continuing to contribute as much as they can to help those in need.

Humble ISD counselors have put together counseling groups to talk with families that were affected by the flood. These families meet at Community Learning Center, Summer Creek High School, and Kingwood Park High School every Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm.

Some of these families have lost everything.

“When we got back home all of our stuff was ruined. Clothes, furniture, everything.” said a woman, worrying about her grandchildren.

Three words were said countless times during the first meeting on September 19: “We have nothing”. But having the ability to talk about what they are feeling is helping.

To the volunteers and victims, it’s not about how many people show up, if just one individual or family receives help, that is an accomplishment that these volunteers are proud of.

There is a meeting every Tuesday, at 6-7:30pm in room 1303. It is open to anyone with a need and volunteers are always welcome.