Flex Hour gives students freedom, choice

New lunch hour offers time for tutoring, clubs and socializing.


Katey Searcy

Students have spent the first three weeks split between three different lunch shifts. Starting on Sept. 10, they will be able to eat at the time they choose while also taking part in clubs and tutoring.

Rafael Boecher, Staff writer

With the arrival of Flex Hour, many students are left wondering about how things are going to work. Where are they allowed to eat, what are they allowed to do, when are certain things are going to happen? And, most importantly, how is lunch is going to work with more than 1,850 students being released at once?

Principal Lisa Drabing said kids will mostly learn the system as they go. The students will get to make the choices of how to spend their time.

“I think it’s going to help them learn that skill to manage and become personally responsible,” Drabing said. “I think they’re going to love it.”

Many opportunities are offered during Flex Hour. Tutoring, make-up tests, clubs and other sorts of activities are all scheduled during different times throughout the week.

Students are allowed to eat anywhere that has tiled floors. Unless you are given permission from a teacher, you’re not allowed to eat in carpeted areas. Additional benches and garbage cans are going to be set out so things are kept organized and clean.

Before or after eating, students will be able to attend tutoring sessions or clubs. Some are scheduled during the first 30 minutes of the hour, others are scheduled in the second half of the hour. Signs are posted throughout the school and on the website to let students know their options.

Math teacher Julie Payne is particularly excited about this.

“I think it’ll make it to where students can become more involved in more activities, and maybe even get to know their teachers better,” she said.