Volleyball team rises to challenge

Panthers ranked No. 3 in the State as they continue to face district foes.


Eliza Gonzalez

Senior Katey Searcy goes for a block against Caney Creek in a home match on Aug. 28. The Panthers swept Caney Creek in three sets. And the JV and Freshmen teams also won.

Kayla McCusker, Staff Writer

With four more home games in September, the Panthers hope the support they have already received by the student body and staff continues. Last month against Caney Creek, the crowd was into the action. That is part of why the players were all smiles on the court. Principal Lisa Drabing even stood in the student section and wore the head of the Panther mascot, which brought on loud cheering and laughter from all corners of the gym.

Ranked No. 3 in the state, the Panthers want to keep the momentum going.

The Panthers spent most of their summer practicing for this season, playing 23 matches mostly before school even started against mostly 6-A teams.

Julia Hadley, setter, said the team works really well together.

“We never get down on ourselves,” Hadley said.

Throughout the match against Caney Creek, the girls hugged, high fived and encouraged each other. No one on the court was without a smile.

The Panthers practice from seventh period to 4:45 p.m. every single day and work out in the weight room twice a week.

“(We have) tough games in district but we will rise to the occasion,” Avery Hill said.

 The goal for the team is to make it to the state tournament.

“We have the talent to get there, it just depends on how bad the girls want it,” coach Kelly Miser said.