Sophomores’ hard work leads to varsity playing time


Kathleen Ortiz

Against Porter, sophomore Brady Cole tries to clear a path for junior Canen Adrian. The Panthers came from behind to defeat Porter.

Autumarie Kellett, News Editor

  The varsity football season has been a ride so far, especially for outside linebacker Caleb Sowell and starting H-back Brady Cole. Both sophomores have upped their games to compete at the varsity level.  

  “I get to have fun with my family and play a game I love,” Cole said.

   Having a lot of determination and drive to do better helps them excel in their interests in football. It took a lot of summer training for them to reach where they are at now.

  “They are great young men learning how to compete at the varsity level,” coach Clayton Maple said.

  Although being on the team was a goal for each one, it has added a lot of weight on their shoulders.

  “I have to live up to the expectations of my brother (senior linebacker Clay Sowell),”  Caleb Sowell said.

  Neither one want to disappoint their coaches or teammates.

  “I have an important job and I don’t want to let my team down,” Cole said.

  Being on varsity, the practices are faster paced. Playing against upperclassmen also means a higher level of focus and determination are needed.

  On top of that, they are both multi-sport athletes. Sowell plays baseball, football and track. Cole plays baseball and football.

  Despite the challenges, they are both very happy to be on the team.

  “It’s a totally different world, a tighter group and more personal,” Sowell said.