Licir’s passion for music fuels Humble Voice win


Sara Geiger

Senior Emmee Licir practices her song prior to the Humble Voice competition on Jan. 10. Licir was one of two winners. She will perform at the Humble rodeo.

Sara Geiger, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Emmee Licir has been musically inclined for almost her entire life. She’s been singing for 15 years and playing the guitar for 10 years. More recently, she’s taken up songwriting.

“I’m passionate about songwriting,” Licir said. “I like expressing what I have to say through a song.”

Licir said she’s influenced by legendary artists like Freddie Mercury and her voice teachers and directors.

“I’ve been inspired by artists like Queen and just people who have written [songs] their whole lives, and it inspired me to continue it especially as a career,” Licir said. “I feel like I always learn something new from them.”

The senior has been involved with choir all four years of her high school career and has been taking one-on-one voice lessons for six years. She’s performed solos at shows both in and outside of school, however, even with these experiences and constant practice, Licir said she still gets nervous before she goes in front of a crowd.

“Confidence can be a really hard thing, especially for me,” Licir said. “Facing your dreams is scary, but if you aren’t scared of your dreams they aren’t big enough.”

Once she gets past the initial uneasiness of being on stage, Licir is able to shine.

“There’s always that sense of nervousness, but it’s also excitement,” Licir said. “It’s also being able to kind of be free in a way; you just go up there, you know, and express your talent.”

With about six hours of her day spent singing, songwriting and playing guitar, Licir is devoted to making her dream of pursuing music as a career a reality. On Saturday, Jan. 11, Licir was one of two Humble Voice winners and will be performing at the Humble Rodeo. 

“I recommend that if anyone has a dream they should follow it, and the only person that can stop you is you,” Licir said.