Renovations improve weight program for all sports


Sara Geiger

Freshman Cameron Maxey and junior Juan Garcia work out during class. Each sport rotated through the weight room on certain days so all teams could take advantage of it.

Gabby Norman, Sports Editor

For three months, a plan for one of Kingwood Park’s newest renovations was in the works. Finished in just two weeks, a brand new weight room has created excitement for athletic director Clayton Maple and many others involved with the sports programs at the school.

“I love the excitement that the new weight room brings to our coaches and athletes,” Maple said. “It was a needed facility improvement.”

 Funded by the athletic portion of the recently approved HISD bond, the new weight room boasts 24 new racks, benches and bars, as well as a new lat pull, glute-ham and neck machines and dumbells in the large weight room. Renovations were also completed in the small weight room.

Maple said the refurbishing of the weight room was just a small part of an overall renovation.

“It is not a case of a weight room ‘as opposed’ to other renovations, it is a weight room ‘in addition to many other’ renovations,” Maple said. “It included new stadium lights, dugout renovations, softball field leveled and resurfaced, hitting cage renovations. New volleyball poles with custom mats. New competition wrestling mat, indoor golf simulator, new sound system and all components at the stadium, with many other renovations to come that will benefit all sports.”

All sports share and divide time in the weight room each week.

“Weight training is essential for athletes,” Maple said. “An athlete that is involved in a strength and conditioning program will perform better in practice and in competition.”

The weight room is open to all student-athletes before and after school, as well as during their athletic period. Students not participating in athletics are also welcome to use the weight room most days after school.

Some concerns have been raised, such as how shorter people might reach the weights that are now racked differently and how these weights might be made to last longer.

“All coaches and athletes have received detailed instruction on use and care of equipment in both weight rooms,” Maple said. “These guidelines will be monitored to ensure that they are being followed. There will always be a coach in the weight room as well as other athletes. If someone needs help in any way, whether it’s setting up equipment, getting a spot or reaching a weight, they will ask a coach or teammate.”

Maple said he appreciated those who contributed and hopes the contributions will lead the school on to great things.