Drabing earns honor for outstanding leadership


Kathleen Ortiz

Principal Lisa Drabing is named Region 4 Humble ISD Secondary Principal of the Year. She joined the staff as an assistant principal in 2000 and became head principal in 2012.

Kathleen Ortiz, Features Editor

Lisa Drabing was a ruthless volleyball and basketball coach long before she was a principal at Kingwood Park. She was competitive, hard nosed and allowed no nonsense. 

She’s used many of the same tactics as the principal of a school that’s constantly growing and winning state titles and academic honors. This year along with a boys swimming state title and a girls wrestling state title, Drabing won her own award.

Drabing was named Region 4 Humble ISD Secondary Principal of the Year. All of the secondary campus principals and associate principals nominated the person they felt best represented Humble ISD. 

“I was very excited for her because I know the things that she does at Kingwood Park,” said Trey Kraemer, the assistant superintendent of Humble ISD. “She’s everywhere. She supports the kids academically, athletically, fine arts, all of it. She’s there.”

Drabing arrived at Kingwood Park as an assistant principal in 2000 when it was still a 9th grade campus. In January 2012, she became the second principal of the high school when founding principal Larry Cooper retired.

“I can’t say enough good things about [Mr. Cooper],” Drabing said. “He’s been a role model for me, a mentor and gave me an opportunity that I’ll always be thankful for. He is the one that set the basis and foundation for our school.”

Drabing has been at Kingwood Park since day one and has watched the school evolve.

“We’ve grown, but yet it hasn’t changed that feeling of this small community, this family atmosphere,” Drabing said. “I would like to say that we haven’t changed what we believe in and our philosophies about the culture of service and being kind and letting kids be involved in multiple activities if they want. We just want to help kids have every opportunity that they want and have this be a school where they want to come to. I hope none of that changed but that we only have been able to become better and be better at our craft and continue to make this a school where your kids want to come and want to be a part of.”

Career and Technology teacher Jeff Wilson was also very happy she won the award. He’s known Drabing for 25 years since they taught together at Humble before they both moved to Kingwood Park. 

“I have seen it as a coach, I have seen it as an associate principal and I have seen it as a principal,” Wilson said. “She is a huge part of Kingwood Park’s success, and her expectations since I have known her have always been at the highest level on the court and off.”

 She knew that when she got to Kingwood Park she would be there for a while, and she’s made her mark. 

“She loves Kingwood Park,” assistant superintendent Trey Kraemer said. “She brings a passion and a level of commitment to excellence for all things at Kingwood Park. She’s driven and she wants nothing but the best for Kingwood Park.”