Selvas appreciate support from KPARK family


Trinity Curl

Kristi Selva stands next to her sons Cristian Selva, 10, and Armando Selva, 12, during halftime of the Feb. 14 boys soccer game. The team honored Selva, who is going through cancer treatments this spring.

Bailey Ricker, Staff Writer

For over 11 years, the three Selva siblings Gabriela, Cristian and Armando have been active in soccer. Their parents have always been supportive of their soccer careers. They help drive the kids to push themselves and be successful.

However,  the Selva family has been faced with an obstacle the past year. Kristi Selva, their mom, was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer in May 2019.

“Since she’s been diagnosed it’s been harder; but she does her best to make it to everything, and she’s still very supportive,” said Gabriela, who is a freshman.

On Feb. 14, the boys varsity soccer team recognized Krista Selva. The team wore pink bands during the game. They also each gave her a rose. This was a nice surprise for the Selvas as there has been added stress in their lives.

“I thought it was really nice, and it made my mom happy,” said Cristian, a sophomore who plays on the varsity squad with his older brother Armando, who is a senior. 

“To say I was surprised is an understatement,” Kristi Selva said. “That was an amazing night. Both of the soccer teams (boys and girls) were wonderful to me. I was overwhelmed and felt so much love and support from everyone.”

Gabriela had an away game so she was not present. However, she was just as surprised as Cristian and Armando when they saw the setup. 

Not only did the boys teams honor Kristi, but the girls did also.

“The JV soccer girls team put together a darling basket with a signed poster and card, blanket, and lots of other goodies that are great for use in the hospital during recovery,” Kristi Selva said.

Kristi’s adventure, however, is not yet over.

“On average, I have to go to the doctor and physical therapist at least weekly, if not more,” she said. “Right now, I am doing every other week chemo treatments for another month and a half, then weekly chemo treatments for 12 weeks, and finally six weeks of radiation.”

Kristi Selva, as a mom, is used to being the ‘giver’ and not the ‘getter.’ However, cancer has forced a change in perspective.

“I have always liked to be independent and the one taking care of others,” she said.  “My nature is not to draw attention to myself, so it has been hard becoming a burden on others and accepting help from others — although we have so appreciated all the help we have received from family, friends, and community. I don’t know how to thank everyone enough.” 

Throughout all of this, Kristi said it has brought their family closer.

 “We put our faith and trust in God that he will take care of us and anything that happens is part of his larger plan,” she said. 

Cristian added, “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to not take things for granted because they can change.”

Kristi Selva likes to quote Jeremiah 29:11 to her children, “For I know well the plans I have in mind for you – declares the Lord — plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a hope for the future.”

“We can trust in our faith to bring us through any adversities and give us hope,” she said. “I want to specifically thank the KPARK community for being supportive to not only me and my husband but to my children throughout this diagnosis. It brings me great comfort to know that the KPARK teachers, administration, and students are supporting both me and my children as I go through these treatments. My hope is that we can repay the favor at the end for others.”