Music keeps many moving forward during corona


Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios/Akron Beacon Journal

Lin-Manuel Mirand stars as Alexander Hamilton and Phillipa Soo is his wife Eliza in “Hamilton” which started streaming on Disney+ in July.

Emma Shaw, Staff Reporter

The dramatic twist of 2020 began when the virus COVID-19 arose in a fury taking lives and tarnishing social gatherings. This intense rage frightened people and gave them a sense of worry that was hard to ease. However, music was a soft mist that blinded the crowd from their fears and led to a tranquil sense of relief. 

Music throughout the ages has been a form of escapism and a flight from unease. It breaks down the barriers of mankind as a universal language and allows everyone to hear each other. During The outbreak, students were forced to learn from home and maintain social distance. This put a looming gloom over the world as loneliness began to kick in. Some students, however, were brought comfort from the songs they heard.

Today’s list breaks down the Top Hits of Corona, songs that have comforted millions through the pandemic.

Hey Lover – Wabie

Centuries – Fall Out Boy

Sign of the Times – Harry Styles

My Shot – Hamilton

Cancer – My Chemical Romance

Levels of Concern – Twenty One Pilots 

Falling – Harry Styles

Girls – Girl in Red

Prom Queen – Beach Bunny

Wake Me up When September Ends – Green Day