Students prepare for first standardized test since pandemic hit


Freshmen through juniors will take the PSAT on Oct. 14. The students have not taken a standardized test on campus since before the pandemic struck last March.

Gabby Selva, Staff Reporter

With COVID-19 restrictions in the district, campus-wide testing has been impacted. The tests will continue, however, starting with the PSAT on Oct. 14. Sarah Olesen, the campus testing coordinator has had to deal with many things regarding this year’s testing situations. 

“I have to be more precautious and I have to consider everything,” Olesen said about testing conditions this year. 

This year’s PSAT will look a little different. All juniors will be participating in this test, which means that all testing locations will have to be used. The test used to be optional for juniors, while being mandated for freshmen and sophomores. Online students who plan to take the PSAT had to RSVP prior to the test.

 Online student sophomore Navy Omenson said she will show up on campus to take the PSAT this fall. 

“Setting goals to get prepared for college” Omenson said. “I want to be able to improve my scores for the later years.”

During the PSAT, COVID-19 precautions will follow similar precautions to the ones classrooms have been following all school year. 

This year, the AP tests are planning on going back to in person pen and paper tests, online students would have to come and take the test in person. As is typical, the district is providing a free of cost SAT to all juniors. The fall ACT that is often offered in the fall was canceled, however.