Seniors look forward to breakfast at sunrise

After the traditional senior breakfast was not held this year, the Class of 2022 created a new plan.


Arleigh Doehring

The senior class will meet at 6:30 a.m. for Senior Sunrise on Friday. Breakfast will be served and students are encouraged to bring blankets to sit on.

Gabby Norman, Managing Editor

As the sun begins to rise and paint the sky with colors on Friday, the senior class will be watching from the football field. The Class of 2022 will be enjoying breakfast during the first “Senior Sunrise.” Donuts, drinks and leis will be provided to the students as they watch the sun rise on their final year of high school.

“It is the day of our first themed pep rally for the football game,” senior class president Kade Terrell said. “This event is supposed to symbolize the beginning of our last year of high school and the horizon (our future) being upon us.”

The first official pep rally of the year inspired this luau after there was news that there would be no senior breakfast. Seniors are encouraged to show up at 6:30 a.m. wearing Hawaiian attire.

“I can’t give credit to a single person because it was a joint collection of ideas formed off of not having a senior breakfast,” Terrell said. “Therefore the birth of a new tradition—Senior Sunrise. It would be an easy and pleasant tradition to keep at KPHS for years to come.”

Senior Sunrise has been a joint effort from both students and staff to make a memorable experience for the seniors. Terrell welcomes seniors wanting to help and is excited for the class to make memories.

“Senior Sunrise will work with all the hard work the officers and representatives are putting in to organize and decorate the event for the seniors,” Terrell said.

Along with Senior Sunrise, the seniors expect to have a prom, senior picnic and spirit nights. There is also a possible corn hole tournament and Senior Sunset in the works. Terrell advises seniors to show up hungry on the 27th and with the people you most enjoy

“Seniors become prepared for a great year, buy your class shirts, and stay classy, Panthers,” Terrell said.