Alice-themed homecoming set for October

Students voted last spring for an Alice In Wonderland themed homecoming.


Rhian Davis

Senior Sri Chathurya Devineni sits at the Student Council table in the commons to recruit new members during the first week of school.

Rhian Davis, Writer

Student Council is already planning for the homecoming dance, which is set to take place on Oct. 16. Last year, students had the opportunity to vote on the theme with options like “La La Land,” “WALL-E” and “Princess and the Frog.”

Alice In Wonderland” won the popular vote, and Student Council co-president Lexi Guillen is excited for the theme. She said she thinks that students will enjoy the “trippy” aspects of it. Right now, STUCO plans to incorporate many different features of the “Alice In Wonderland” movies, such as the tea party, the antique style and different forms of lighting.

“One of our plans is to have the walk in through the band hall look like [Alice] falling into the rabbit hole,” Guillen said.

We’re doing our best to make homecoming as good as it normally is, but without using the same amount of money.

— Natalie Johnson, STUCO sponsor

In the week leading up to the football game and dance, students will be able to get involved through various activities. Natalie Johnson, the STUCO advisor, said they will be focusing on the more traditional side of homecoming by organizing activities like dress-up week, voting for homecoming court and decorating red wagons.

Because there was no dance last year, Student Council has limited funds but they are working to make homecoming special, especially for those who haven’t had the chance to experience a dance due to COVID.

“We’re doing our best to make homecoming as good as it normally is, but without using the same amount of money,” Johnson said.

For students looking to lend a hand, both Guillen and Johnson suggest joining STUCO. By joining, students will be able to help set up and decorate for the dance.

Homecoming tickets will start at $25 and prices will increase every week until they reach $50. The dance, which will have drinks and snacks available, will be held in the cafeteria. Students looking to get away from the action will have the option to roam in the commons and the band hall.

“It’s just such a cool part of your high school years,” Guillen said. “Missing out on it, you’re probably gonna look back on it and think, ‘Aw man, I should have gone to homecoming.’”