Rare performance leads to top prize


Arleigh Doehring

Math teacher Caroline Wick does a notebook check with junior Carlie Solomon during Algebra II in September.

Camille Blair, Staff Writer

Music has played an important role in Caroline Wick’s life. From a young age she had a love of music.

“I started writing songs at a very young age,” Wick said. “I sang my whole life. You can ask my brothers about this — I’m sure they were annoyed — my older brother especially when I was younger. But I’ve been singing my whole life.”

Houston's First

In elementary school, she started writing songs and from there her love for music grew. 

“I would show them to my parents and they would nod and smile if it was a really bad song and actually be helpful if they thought it was a good song,” Wick said. “They were always really encouraging for me.”

Aside from high school events and the choir groups at her church, Wick had never entered a vocal competition until August 18. The Houston’s First Has Talent show was Wick’s first competition. She entered Houston’s First Baptist Church competition without even knowing there was a prize. She performed a song called “Praise God,” which she wrote herself and played on the piano.

“I had a song that I had written and I kind of felt that it was time that I shared the song not really thinking anything would come out of it,” Wick said.

 When she won, it didn’t seem real. She won a trip to New York worth $2,500. However, with New York shut down she asked to switch the prize to Arizona. 

 “I’m going with my mom and I’m really really excited to do that,” Wick said. “I haven’t been on a trip with my mom in my adult life at all, so this’ll be the first one. The fact that I get to treat her is a really good thing.”